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Oh Nurse! Anita Louisevia Film Noir Photos & sisterwolf

Oh Nurse! Anita Louise

via Film Noir Photos & sisterwolf

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“Taking patient from ambulance” at Boston City Hospital,...

“Taking patient from ambulance” at Boston City Hospital, November 11, 1928. Boston City Hospital collection (7020.001)

Via cityofbostonarchives.

For more digitized images from this collection, see here

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Kitchen staff at Boston City Hospital, November 13, 1912,...

Kitchen staff at Boston City Hospital, November 13, 1912,  Boston City Hospital collection (7020.001), Box 47, Boston  City Hospital.

Via cityofbostonarchives

Please attribute to Boston City Archives

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UCF Scientists Use Gene Editing Tech to Develop New Screening...

UCF Scientists Use Gene Editing Tech to Develop New Screening Tool for Parkinson's Disease

Via medresearch 

A team of researchers at the University of Central Florida is using CRISPR Cas9, the breakthrough gene-editing technology, to develop a new screening tool for Parkinson's disease. The technology allows scientists in the lab to “light up” and then monitor a brain protein called alpha-synuclein that has been associated with Parkinson's.

“Alpha-synuclein is a protein that is normally found in the brain. We all have it,” said Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences doctoral student Levi Adams, one of the lead researchers on the project. “But for some reason, when you have Parkinson's the levels become abnormal. So, if we can monitor this protein in the cell, we can start to measure what causes it to go up and also what treatments can cause it to go down.”

The team published its findings in the Scientific Reports journal.

Using the CRISPR technique, the Burnett team edited the alpha-synuclein gene and inserted a luminescent tag made from proteins that causes fireflies to light up. Every time the cell creates the alpha-synuclein protein, the tag gives off a light. That reaction “makes it much easier to measure,” Adams said. “More light means an increased level of alpha-synuclein, which would be considered a diseased state.”

“If we take one of these modified cells and treat it with a particular drug, if it doesn't produce light anymore, then this means the drug is a potential treatment for this disease,” doctoral student Sambuddha Basu said.

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Funding: The study is supported by the financial support from National Institute of Health vide grant number 5R21NS088923-02 awarded to Y.S.K. S.B. is supported from University of Central Florida's Graduate Dean's Dissertation Completion Fellowship. L.A. is recipient of University of Central Florida's Trustees Doctoral Fellowship.

Raise your voice in support of expanding federal funding for life-saving medical research by joining the AAMC's advocacy community.

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Le cancer de la prostate sur Twitter
Le cancer de la prostate sur Twitter: Cette recherche originale réalisée conjointement par des...
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Medical Terms in French Blessé(e) - injured (adj.)Perdre connaisance - unconscious (adj.)Hémorragie...
Medical Terms in French Blessé(e) - injured (adj.)Perdre connaisance - unconscious (adj.)Hémorragie...
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Verily (Alphabet) va suivre 10.000 personnes pour prédire les maladies
Verily (Alphabet) va suivre 10.000 personnes pour prédire les maladies: Verily (Alphabet) va suivre...
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#SPASPARK : un nouveau congrès international pour la neurologie et neurorééducation des mouvements anormaux
Chers Collègues,Nous espérons avoir l'honneur et le plaisir de vous accueillir et vous compter parmi...
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'Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike' [1944]This cartoon video was...

'Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike' [1944]
This cartoon video was used to educate soldiers in malaria prevention during World War II. Malaria Mike is a mosquito who repeatedly attacks Private Snafu in an effort to infect the soldier. The mosquito is temporarily foiled because of Snafu's use of clothing, repellent, and mosquito netting.


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Fig. 56. “A. Fick's tonometer.” Diseases of the eye and...

Fig. 56. “A. Fick's tonometer.” Diseases of the eye and ophthalmoscopy. 1896. 

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Local Health Problems [New York in 1942]This film illustrates...

Local Health Problems [New York in 1942]

This film illustrates the health and sanitary pressures created for a rural area of New York State when the federal government establishes a large ordnance depot in Seneca County and issues a call for thousands of construction and other workers. Because the county and local towns are ill-equipped to handle the influx, the state steps in to test wells, cleaning up or capping them as necessary; close filthy privies and build new ones; truck clean water to the area; send nurses to workers' homes (which include tents, cars, and old school buses); and eventually establish a modern trailer camp with trailers provided by the Farm Security Administration. The trailers are heated and have small kitchens, and central facilities are provided for showering and laundry. A child-care cooperative is set up as well.

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Allergies alimentaires : des modèles liés à...

Allergies alimentaires : des modèles liés à l'ethnie

African-American, White, Latino Children Have Different Food Allergen Profiles

via medresearch

Researchers have found that both African-American and Latino children have significantly higher rates of corn, shellfish and fish allergies than white children, confirming that race and ethnicity play an important role in how people are affected by food allergy.

The findings come from the first study designed to assess and characterize the racial and ethnic difference in food allergies among children in the United States. The study was conducted by allergy and immunology experts at Rush University Medical Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

Results of the study were published in the Nov. 21 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

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doctoredtales:A little Cyanide and Happiness Kris Wilson, Rob...


A little Cyanide and Happiness

Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker and Matt Melvin.

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Diagram of main arteries. First book of physiology and hygiene....

Diagram of main arteries. First book of physiology and hygiene. 1914. By Cathcart, Gertrude D.

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From the back. The nerves and the nervous : a practical treatise...

From the back. The nerves and the nervous : a practical treatise on the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, with the nature and causes of all kinds of nervous diseases: showing how they may often be prevented, and how they should be treated, including also, an explanation of the new practice of neuropathy; or, the nerve cure; intended for popular instruction and use. 1873.  By Hollick, Frederick, (b. 1818).

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